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Quality, Packaging & Infrastructure At Pawanji Spices.

Food safety has become a major concern of everyone. Consumer consciousness and the environmental awareness are increasing the world over & right from its inception Pawanji Spices has been dedicated to purity and hygiene and when it comes to our goal of maintaining the highest quality standards, nothing is taken for granted.

We follow the procedure of testing our raw materials on arrival with recognized laboratories to ensure quality control and to process spices of finest quality as per different country norms and regulations laid by the Food Dept.

An admirer of spices knows that the quality of spices is judged by the freshness and purity. Spices acquire their characteristic aroma, the measure of freshness, from the essential oils present in the plant material. Preserving these oils during production is absolutely critical The care we take and the quality we achieve are the result of painstaking attention to detail – so that we can guarantee the provision of pure, flavorsome and quality assured spice products..

Quality Assurance

Procedure has been adopted to produce quality products as per AGMARK standards over the years. Special care of temperature, while grinding, is taken so that freshness, flavor, aroma and nutrition of the product is not lost during the procedure. Everything is done to ensure that any kind of bacteria or dust is not present in the plant, storage and packaging departments. What good is a Spice, if it is not tasty and pure? Keeping in mind the inherent qualities of Spice, we ensure the highest standards starting right from the time of procuring the whole spices until the time they are packaged and delivered to the clients. Stringent tests are carried out at our laboratories to ensure that the spices are manufactured without any contamination.

Packaging and Ware-housing

We have learnt that the value of any spice depends solely on its freshness, aroma and flavor. So we lay special emphasis on the packaging of our product so that they reach their destination in the best condition without losing their freshness, nutrition, taste, texture and aroma. We offer all types of consumer packs including laminated pouch packing and cardboard box packing, ranging from 10gm to 1kg. We also offer whole range of our products for institutions, wholesaler and exporters etc, in packing ranging from 5kg to 50kg. We also avail our complete range of products packed in consumer packs in client's own brand and language customized to their preferences. The complete packaging process is closely scrutinized by our experts. Our spacious and well-equipped warehouse has all the facilities to store huge amount of Spices in adequate temperature controlled conditions. This is to ensure that there is no prospect of any bacterial growth or humidity. We make sure that the Spices are properly packed in tamper-proof packaging to retain its aroma and freshness.

Our Network / Infrastructure

We are equipped with state of the art, non--polluting, plant and machinery for manufacturing and packaging. We have cleaning machines for raw material as well we have enough sources and resources to produce as per desired requirements. The complete staff of manufacturing and packaging departments are well trained and well equipped to perform the best. We are also equipped with two heavy generators for uninterrupted production. We store raw material and finished goods in cold storages to keep them fresh and healthy. We are successful in establishing a vast network in local & national markets. Owing to our optimum taste, quality, and timely supplies, we have earned a huge clientele. Based in Madhya Pradesh, India, we are continuously reaching out to the clients located all over in india.